ISUN Skincare Spa partnership program

Our Spa Partnership Program is designed to help expand your retail offerings, reduce your retail inventory levels, increase cashflow and generally, offer an aid to help support you through the COVID downturn and beyond. In addition, it opens a door for continuing product sales from visitors living outside of your property location. We are pleased that this program can support your efforts without directly competing with your spa for retail sales!

Here's how the program works:

  1. We will provide each partner with a unique "discount" code, upon request.
  2. Using your code, your referred customers will be able to purchase any product through our website.
  3. Once the code is used, your customer will be assigned to you and will always remain part of your business. Even if they do not use your code in the future, they will remain yours for the life of your business. As your spa client, we anticipate they will seek product advice from their esthetician, therapist or other spa staff.
  4. We will drop ship retail orders placed on our website using a 2-day shipping service, keeping mind that we are closed Friday through Sunday. (We will open on Fridays during the holiday rush season.) Your customer will cover the fixed rate shipping cost and any difference will be covered by us.
  5. You are not charged upfront for your customers orders. Instead, your account will be credited 35% of the retail sale amount. This credit can be utilized to purchase product. 

  6.  If you choose to join us in our Spa Partnership Program, we will have available an agreement stating the terms above to be signed in understanding by both parties.

To receive further information regarding our program, contact General Manager, Anthony Russo:

We hope you are as excited about this ‘win-win’ opportunity as we are!