Basic / Advanced Skincare Regimen

Indicates Needed for Basic Regimen

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Exfoliate
Exfoliate 3x/wk with Phyto-Enzyme / Pure Cleanser & Scrub blended with water.
Alternative (Mild Sensitivity): Blend a small amount of Rhassoul-Crystal / Face & Body Exfoliant with water or a cleanser.

Step 3: Hydrate
Apply Anti-Aging Emerald Sun / Hydrosol Serum 
Alternative (Hyper-Sensitivity): Soothing Relief Face & Body Mist

Step 4: Defy Age
Treat AM and/or PM with Age-Defying Phyto-Infusion / Facial Serum

Step 5: Eye Care
Apply the Age-Defying Peptide Eye Cream AM/PM
Alternative: Revive Eye Gel

Step 6: Moisturize
Alternative (Hyper-Sensitivity): Soothing Relief Balm / Face Moisturizer & Mask
Alternative (Essential Oil Sensitivity): Revitalize / Facial Oil
Avoid applying too close to eye opening to prevent irritation in the AM/PM.

Step 7: Lip Revitalization
Treat lips with Anti-Aging Golden Lip Balm AM/PM and as needed

Face & Hand Masks
Soothing Relief Balm / Face Moisturizer & Mask
Alternative: Chlorella-Algae Facial Mask
Both masks may be blended together in your palm

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