An interview with the founder, visionary creator and formulator of ISUN Skincare, Bunnie Gulick, who at 69 years of age, is a radiant testimony of her teachings and her skin care creations.

What should ISUN best be known for?

More than high-performing products of pristine integrity, ISUN should best be known as an embodiment of Love and a positive source of inspiration through our teaching and our products. That through these vehicles, many will discover the deep joy of knowing the Light within us is the source of our connection with others, nature and all life.

ISUN should also best be known as an inspiration for others to think, speak and act in ways that do no harm to ourselves, others or our environment and to treat all with loving kindness. The Spirit of ISUN, as I’ve related it here, is carried as subtle energy and is expressed in the integrity of our products.

You say that ISUN was created and made with intention and that we’re all connected by Light. Can you explain that?

The power of our intentions of healing and awareness, embedded as subtle energy in our products may simply manifest as an inexplicable feeling of inner harmony and well-being for many.

This state of harmony when experienced, holds the potential to awaken deeper levels of heart-opening and a heightened sense of awareness of our Divine source, or our higher being which is beyond form and is the Light connection we speak of that we share with all life. This is a beautiful event when it occurs.

Becoming aware of our own inner Light and the Light connections we share with all life brings true joy and peace to our being and expressions as we go about daily life. It invokes deeper feelings of Love for ourselves, others and nature.

We care more, we become ‘sweeter’ somehow, and our life flows with greater ease. We experience a deep inner feeling of peace and Love becomes our very essence. Grace fills us and without trying, we naturally radiate outward the inner joy and the Light that exists within us.

The expansion of awareness in this way can make a profound and positive difference in individual lives that can touch others in a domino effect. Gandhi said, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.” Even a subtle change within individuals, collectively can make a profound change in the world. This is a vision we hold for all who experience the life-force and subtle energy of intention held in our products. This is the heart and soul of ISUN.

Following your career from the time you were a nutritionist and teaching healthy lifestyle from 45 years ago, and then becoming a botanical chemist and formulating and making skin care products for 30 years, you’ve always been way ahead of your time. You were making organic and wild-crafted products before it was cool. How did you come to choose this direction?

When I came to understand the truth of our inner nature as pure Light and Love, and understood the connection of oneness we share with all life, I had my own personal experience of feeling and knowing how the Light, or life-force energy in the plant kingdom fuses and interacts with our own and profoundly impacts our total being – mind, spirit and body, including our skin. Having this knowledge, nothing else was real. The key was to source the highest life-force energies in nature and to keep their life-force energy alive.

Once accomplished, there was no other path to follow, even though it barely existed in the commercial world of beauty and skin care products. This way of creating skin care products was the only way I could align with. If ISUN could not offer a quantum healing effect overall that embraced a potential for self-discovery and heightened awareness within individuals as it transformed and rejuvenated skin, from my perspective it was not worth the effort.

Your efforts have made ISUN a global success. You’re at an age when many people have retired and are enjoying a more leisure life, yet you’re still active with ISUN. Where do you see yourself and ISUN in the future?

ISUN will continue to shine and spread Light around the world whether I’m here or not. I’m truly blessed to have a dedicated, skilled and ‘conscious’ team of co-workers with strong leadership and managers who share in the vision and intention that has sustained ISUN for these years.

I’ll always hold the vision for ISUN strong and flow with what is natural to inspire our team and our clients. Presently, I collaborate with our management leaders, but have taken a back seat in activity with those roles but do remain active in R&R with new product development and formulations. However, I’m primarily focused on education and marketing.

As I move away from being full-time active, I’ll move more into my love of writing and teaching as a way of inspiring and uplifting others to discover who they truly are beyond the bodies and personalities we tend to identify ourselves with. This discovery is the most important thing that can happen in one’s life. It changes your perspective in every way and is sure path to inner peace, joy and freedom.

I foresee in the very near future, facilitating both private and ISUN retreats that expand beyond our product education into the higher knowledge I’ve spoken of that includes meditation and interactive discussion on the subject of self-discovery. For those who wish, there will also be silent retreats with days of fasting and communion with nature in the beauty and energy of the mountains where I live. I feel this evolving in 2018.

What is a necessary luxury you must have?

Silence. Masters teach that silence is the mother of all creativity, beauty, love and inspiration. I have found this to be true since I was a young child. Through silence came the inspiration, manifestation and all the expressions of ISUN. Through silence and ‘listening’, ISUN will continue to express, flourish and serve humanity.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Freedom is absolute when you say ‘YES’ to truth without hesitation or compromise. Walk your path with an open heart knowing and seeing the Divine at play in all of life and all of life’s circumstances whether they appear good or bad. Stay open to this truth and effortless Grace and true freedom will follow. If this advice that formed my life and inspired ISUN can inspire others, then we have served our purpose.

May 27, 2020 — Tracey Drabloes