We are always open to partnering with like-minded individuals, collectives, brands and others who hold similar values and principles in their field.

Our existing portfolio of partners are located around the world. Together, we create a global family with one objective: to extend high vibrational wellness throughout our communities and respect the natural world we live in.

The ISUN benefits                                                  

  • We talk. Together, we will arrange a heart-to-heart conversation to ensure that our values and purposes align before taking the next step.
  • We meet. Whether virtually or in-person, we will meet with you to officially welcome you to the family, to share more about our principles, products and protocols, and to define what best fits in with your existing offering and objectives.
  • We guide. Once we have established your treatment and product collection for you, we will arrange to meet with you and your team virtually, or travel to wherever you are in the world, learn more about your space and vision and with you, develop unique protocols using our alive and ageless skincare and gemstone collection through step-by-step, supportive training.
  • We support. We will continue to support your endeavors virtually, answer any questions you may have and will encourage you to further your learning as you continue to spread wellness, light, and joy through your craft.

ISUN Treatments

Our face and body treatments incorporate our organic, plant-based products that are pure and energetic. Corresponding to the inherent life-force energies in our skin, our rituals have been thoughtfully curated to reach wholistic rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Through these protocols, nourishing products and a nurturing hand, your clients will receive the most transformational radiance that stems from within.

Body, mind and spirit are awakened in a sense of heightened consciousness. This is luxury reimagined.

Partnering with us presents the opportunity to make a difference in this ever-changing world we move in. Your wellness artistry serves as the highest expression of your heart and divine will to bring peace and harmony to lives in your community – it would be our greatest privilege to support you on this journey.  

For US inquiries contact kerri@isunskincare.com - For International inquiries contact tracey@isunskincare.com