ISUN face and body products use pure sustainable wild-crafted and organic ingredients, holistically combined through green manufacturing and packaging to bring about transformational radiance in skin.
50/80 minutes
This therapeutic and deeply relaxing facial addresses the challenges of lack-lustre and de-vitalized skin. Using ISUN’s purifying products, we expertly apply ancient techniques that stimulate energy flow and circulation for contouring facial angles and removing lymphatic toxins. An elevate facial massage created to lift the muscles of the face results in firm, smooth and calm skin.
50/80 minutes
Radiance facial transforms your skin to youthful vitality. Our signature double-exfoliation treatment to the face and hands immediately plumps fine lines with moisture and gives skin a healthy glow. Skin is smoothed and energies are brought into balance with a face, neck and shoulder massage incorporating quartz crystal stones to give you an undeniable feeling of well-being.
50 minutes
A celestial glowing complexion awaits you as we brighten and replenish skin. Wild Australian Kakadu Plum help even the skin’s tone while a concentration of herbs and berries, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, help repair and regenerate skin. An aromatic celestial blend of essential oils is themed throughout your facial to uplift your senses and impart a feeling of inner peace. 
80 minutes
A serene, energy balancing treatment that incorporates a customized exfoliation along with 3 facial masks. Each mask serves to purify, hydrate and nourish skin whilst herb infused gemstone oils and corresponding crystals bring energy imbalances into alignment. A feeling of total relaxation and balance of mind, body, spirit wellbeing awaits you.
30 minutes
A glowing complexion awaits you as we cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin in this 30-minute facial. A cooling and nourishing algae mask follows a soothing, face, neck and shoulder massage providing the perfect catalyst for radiant, glowing skin. Organic skincare products and gemstone-enhanced techniques are themed throughout using an aromatic blend of essential oils to uplift your senses.
The Gent
50/80 minutes
This Gentleman’s restorative facial transforms the skin through our signature double-exfoliation. Attention is given to melting stress away through facial massage techniques while using a revitalising aromatic oil blend. Intentional focus is given to the neck, shoulders and scalp for deep relaxation. The 80-minute treatment includes a subtle-energy crystal quartz stone massage and exfoliation on the soles of the feet.
Transform Body, Mind and Spirit
80 minutes
In this deeply relaxing massage and body treatment, energetic and physical imbalances due to mental, physical, or emotional stress are gently released. This profound treatment uses the gemstones of Garnet, Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, to work in synergy, with four distinctive herb-infused oils which share the same vibration as their gemstone counterpart. The entire body is massaged with the stones, oils, and movements corresponding to the subtle energies of the chakra system. A marma massage with crystal wands traces transformational energy points in the face. A deep integration of body, mind and spirit takes place within, leaving an absolute state of relaxation and deep feeling of total well-being.
CBD Muscle Soother
80 minutes
Our 99.9% pure CBD isolate soothes and relaxes tired, achy muscles and sore feet while energizing your body. ISUN anti-inflammatory CBD oil infused with herbs and essential oils is generously applied, followed by a wrap to facilitate deep penetration of this therapeutic oil. While the body is wrapped, your skin is lovingly treated to a customized age-defying mini facial and scalp massage. Once the wrap is removed, a full body massage with Lapis oil and cooling Lapis Lazuli gemstones soothes away any remaining traces of discomfort, leaving nothing but a relaxed and peaceful state of being.
Refine • Hydrate
80/110 minutes
Replenish, soothe, and restore thirsty, dry skin with long-lasting moisture. This nourishing treatment begins with a rich moisturizing scrub that combines the exfoliating benefits of fine mineral salt with the richness of unrefined organic shea butter. A generous layer of honey-avocado butter is applied all over the body before being gently wrapped in a cocoon of warmth to facilitate deep penetration of the rich skin nourishment. After the wrap is removed, a 60-minute massage is given using organic shea butter infused with soothing lavender, calendula and helichrysum flowers.
Detox • Stimulate • Tone
80 minutes
This “active” treatment helps to stimulate blood and lymph flow, detoxify tissues and tone skin. Stimulating, detoxifying herbs and Rhassoul Clay are blended with a therapeutic Citrus & Spice herbal oil to create an active and deep penetrating body mask. The mask (body wrap) stimulates the flow of lymph and excess fluids and toxins are released through the skin. Heat activating herbs and oils create a thermogenic effect which helps to break-down subcutaneous fat and cellulite deposits. Astringent herbs and oils help tone and firm skin. The wrap is followed with a full body massage using ‘Citrus & Spice’ aromatic body oil. Note: Contraindicated for pregnancy.
Graceful Ageing Hand Treatment
30 minutes
A delicious antioxidant Honey-Goji Berry hand and arm mask is lavishly applied over an enzyme softening gel and hands are placed in warm mitts to help the nutrients penetrate the skin for optimal renewal. After gently removing the mask, the hands and arms receive a therapeutic Rose Quartz Crystal massage.
Rejuvenating Foot Treatment
45 minutes
Begin the journey for your feet in an aromatic and cleansing foot bath with purifying herb infusions and essential oils. After the soak, your feet and lower legs are softened and smoothed with an invigorating, detoxifying Rosemary-Sage Scrub. A customized foot mask is applied and wrapped. After the mask is removed, your feet and lower legs are massaged, and the soles of your feet are treated with our signature touch of a Clear Quartz Crystal massage.
Treatments may be customized to meet the needs of your facility and to work with any spa equipment.


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